Peel Forest, Canterbury, New Zealand. Forest Fuschia, Karen Lighthouse

Right now, the well has run dry and I feel as though I have nothing to give. So I’m posting a creation from last year and hope that it can bring refreshment to some.

I am one with the wind that blows

The power that creates worlds

The flower that grows.

There is no divide

No you and me

Only us and we.

My eyes are open

To beauty all around

Fear is not in my vocabulary

My mouth only speaks of

The love I have found

In the knowing of the

True Divine light.

I am you

And you are me

To hurt you is only to hurt myself

To spout hatred, to curse myself.

This love goes beyond walls,

Bodily boundaries

Where you stop and I begin.

In loving myself I’m offering

A great kindness to all of mankind

To espouse truth,

The healing balm

We all thirst for.

Oh barren and dry heart

Drink of the nectar of life

The love that abounds in

The life of a tree,

A flower,

A child.

This purity alone

Cures all ills.

(c) Karen Lighthouse 2023


Thanks for reading and take care until next time.

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Words by Karen Lighthouse.

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2 thoughts on “Connection

    1. Thank you Julie. Your kind words are soothing to my somewhat wounded spirit right now. Nature is great for helping us connect with ourselves and something greater than ourselves. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Have a blessed weekend.


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