about me

Hello and welcome to my blog – I’m Karen Lighthouse.

The school of life, along with my experience as a counsellor and group facilitator, have taught me much. It is from this overflow that I write to you. Originally from the UK, I lived in Australia for 5 years before eventually settling down in New Zealand where I’ve lived since 1984. I am a mother to 5 amazing children, who, despite my often-felt ineptitude, are amazing beautiful people. They have gifted me (thus far) 11 grandchildren.

I am passionate about raising self-awareness that inspires and facilitates healing, to overcome the effects of our less than perfect childhoods and the relationships and other life choices that arose as a consequence of that.

From as young as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by human behaviour, particularly relationship dynamics, and have also longed to write. My interest in human behaviour was probably born out of the need to keep myself safe by reading others’ moods in a family that was riddled with alcohol abuse, mental health issues and poverty. Although my parents did the best they could they were dealing with their own trauma and could not be there for me emotionally.

Our formative years create a template for adult relating. Left unobserved and hidden, this template and associated beliefs can wreak havoc in our lives, keeping us stuck in unhealthy patterns and relationships and can be a major contributor to mental illness.

Self-awareness is the gateway to transformation. I had to unlearn a lot of stuff! I also had to learn to be kind and patient with myself and give myself the love, acceptance and nurturing that was scarce-to-absent in my formative years. I had to learn to listen to myself and give myself permission to feel what I felt, amongst other things.

My hope is that by me sharing my world I can illuminate the path for others who’ve walked in similar places.