Your Mental and Emotional Warrant-of-Fitness # 9 A Sense of Progress

(A Warrant-of-Fitness is the New Zealand equivalent of an M.O.T. in the UK, being a certificate to say your vehicle is road worthy.)

It’s been aaaages since my last post. A new job and family matters seemed to have gobbled me up with nothing left to give to the page 😦

But today I felt inspired, after noticing a huge energy shift within me when a builder I’d been waiting to hear from forever finally contacted me to say he could start work on a couple of small jobs at my place next week. It felt like a huge relief and I felt a sense of progress at last. This reminded me just how important a sense of progress is to our mental and emotional health.

When we get stuck with no forward motion towards our goals and plans, no matter how big or small they are, we can become despondent, drained and even depressed ( triple ‘D”s), at times not even recognising the source of those negative emotions. Sometimes things feel too hard and progress seems elusive, causing us to give up.

Even when we don’t see anything happening there is always movement, for nothing is ever completely still. It is when we see, or in my case, hear that some change is coming we can believe it and experience that sense of satisfaction that is a sense of progress.

What if we could induce this satisfied feeling that we get with a sense of progress that change or improvement are coming or in motion? Can we have a sense of progress when, using the 5 senses, there appears to be none? I have heard those that espouse the Law of Attraction saying that the feeling of satisfaction is a prerequisite to “being in the receptive mode” of the things you desire. When it comes to getting builders to work on my house a certain amount of effort needs to be done on my part – builders are not going to call me asking for work without me first contacting them! So action AND faith are required. And in some cases you need to be the squeakiest wheel.

When a sense of progress seems to be lagging and perhaps getting you down, as it was me with my house repairs, it’s important to take baby steps in the direction of what you want, to believe you can have it, deserve it. It’s an intrinsic human trait to evolve and grow towards our highest potential. Maslow, an American psychologist, developed a theory of human motivation, (“Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”), stating that basic primal needs for safety and shelter were primary needs and need addressing before ‘higher’ levels could be achieved. I’m not sure where a sense of progress fits in but I know it makes a huge difference to my mood when I feel I am actually getting somewhere and not running like a hamster in a wheel.

So, if you are feeling a bit down, are you stuck with no sense of progress?

What small step could you take to build momentum towards what you want and evoke that satisfying sense of progress?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below.

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Thanks for reading and take care until next time.

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2 thoughts on “Your Mental and Emotional Warrant-of-Fitness # 9 A Sense of Progress

  1. Lindsey Ditfort

    I noticed you hadn’t written on here for a while, nice to read your post. Hopefully that also felt satisfying and like some progress in the right direction. I’m glad the builder has confirmed he is coming, how exciting to finally get started on that work.
    Some helpful tools in here, thank you


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