As I sit here, facing the blank page again, I check in with myself,
“What does the Universe want me to write about today?”

I repeat my mantra, “Fill me with your love and light. Flow through me
as I write.” My eyes are drawn to the huge pear tree outside my office
window, heavy laden with semi-ripe fruit.


At the other end of my small property plums are in season and daily I’m
picking them and sweeping up the wind-falls and bird pecked ones.

Wherever I look there is abundance.

Now don’t get me wrong, the free organic fruit is a gift…but they make
such a mess and are a lot of work! I’ve caught myself swearing and cursing
about this extra chore, wishing they didn’t exist, and then stopping myself. I
want to live life more abundantly, be more grateful for the abundance of
provision and love in my life, not moan and fault find.

I may be referring to excessive quantities of fruit, much of it bird-food as
it’s out of reach, but I wonder if it reflects my attitude across the board. I
decided that I don’t want to complain and feel hard done by because it’s
creating more for me to do and I don’t have time for jam making and preserving.
I want to be grateful, to acknowledge that there isn’t a shortage of what I
need, that there is an abundance ‘hanging there’, waiting to be picked when the
time is right.

Abraham Hicks talks of feeling satisfied to attract more of what you want
into your life.


I want to feel satisfied that there is enough, MORE than enough money, love,
time, food.

The fruit trees invite me to shift my perspective from lack to abundance,
from fear to hope, and to trust the cycles of nature. They invite me to let go
and allow nature, the Universe, God to do it’s thing.

I look out of my office window to the pear tree and am reminded of a power
greater than myself at work.

I am reminded to relax and allow things to evolve and grow instead of
pushing and striving and blowing a fuse in the process.

Abundance is everywhere, in every cell of our bodies, in our minds capacity
to think and create, in the creation we are surrounded by.

What can you see today that reflects abundance?

(c) Karen Lighthouse 2023



Thanks for reading and take care until next time.

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Words by Karen Lighthouse.

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