What do you want your year to look like?

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Happy New Year to you all!

My post is more personal today.

Although I am often offering insight and sharing some of my learned experiences to hopefully shed light on the paths of others, right now I must admit I’m not bubbling with enthusiastic words of encouragement, wit or knowledge. In fact, I’m feeling quite drained and meh.

But as this new year is steadily unfolding, I DO want to be deliberate in my intent, focused on being my best self and as aligned with The Universe as I l know how to be.

Trouble is I get lost in my head a lot, get easily distracted and more easily overwhelmed since my Adrenal Burnout in 2017. Part of this is my own doing I know….it’s all too easy to just pick up my phone and waste half an hour or more which can be relaxing on one hand but stimulating the nervous system on the other. It’s so easy to get addicted to the instantness of technology. A blessing and a curse!

Perhaps it is more mindfulness I need, to be more fully present to the present moment gifts and less caught up in checking my phone for something else to satisfy me.

I find writing helps. It helps me connect to deeper layers of myself bringing hidden stuff to the surface, into awareness.

“Awareness is the precursor” to change. I just made that up and I whole-heartedly believe it. If we are not aware then how can we change and grow?

I’ve been thinking about what I want for this year and what I want to leave behind. It’s a full moon tonight and a good time to let things go that no longer serve you. I have many things in my awareness that I want to let go of and I’m sure there’s lots more I’m not yet aware of. Afterall, the process of development and growth is not something that we can tick off our to-do lists, unfortunately. It’s a life long process of learning and exploring. Life would be so boring and stagnant otherwise.

What am I letting go of?

I am making a conscious effort to let go of old patterns of relating that I formed in childhood to get my needs met, for one. By helping others and being kind is how I got attention.  And letting go of attachment to people that aren’t for my highest good is another one.

What will you let go of that no longer serves you?

What will you seek to aspire to in 2023?

Write your comments below, I’d love to hear.

I’m not talking about “New Years Resolutions”. They don’t work. But rather a centred, grounded, forward thinking focus, connected to your Highest Self and your Higher Power/God/Universe, whatever you believe in.

One of my favourite authors, Julia Cameron, talks of God being “good-orderly-direction.” I REALLY like that.


I also create a new vision board at the end of each year/beginning of the new and put it on my fridge (see mine below). This way I have visual reminders of what my priorities are, my values and aspirations. I highly recommend this exercise. Why not get together with some friends and make a fun night of doing it together?

That’s all for now.

Sending love and light to all you dear souls out there reading this.

© Karen Lighthouse 2023


Thanks for reading and take care until next time.

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