“You are a guest of nature. Behave.” Freidrich Hundertwasser

     Peel Forest, Canterbury, New Zealand. December 2022   


I am part of nature

And nature is part of me

The same energy that grows my hair

Grows trees

The energy that makes birds sing

And the oceans roar

Is the same life force

That I live and breath

And makes the eagle soar.

To harm a plant, animal or bird

Is absurd

Why do that?

As we’re all connected

You harm yourself

And that’s just a fact

Love and respect nature

As an extension of yourself

You will have better health.

© Karen Lighthouse 2022


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Words by Karen Lighthouse.

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4 thoughts on “Energy   

  1. It’s interesting the disconnect between humans and animals
    The lack of understanding as people raise animals for food. I used to say I loved animals … yet I ate them! No… i clearly didn’t love them at all.
    Now I do


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