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Don’t fall in love with a nomad

He’ll surely break your heart

Don’t fall in love with a nomad

It’s doomed from the start.

Don’t fall in love with a nomad

He travels far and wide

Wrapped up in his arms

You’ll fall for his charms

He’s just in it for the ride.

He loves his freedom more than you

Don’t try and change his soul

He’ll love you up

And spit you out

And leave a gaping hole.

A bit of romance

If he gets the chance

If you are nearby

But before very long

He’ll be gone

And you are bound to cry.

To tame the wild heart

That has to be free

No woman has ever achieved

He’ll get in his car

And travel afar

Until he is relieved.

Don’t fall in love with a nomad

He travels from town to town

Don’t fall in love with a nomad

He’ll never settle down.

© Karen Lighthouse 2022


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Words by Karen Lighthouse.

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8 thoughts on “Nomad

  1. Great poem, and picture to go with it – it stirs the wanderlust heart 🙂 I very much feel the pull of a nomadic life, but haven’t followed it. It’s probably more a symptom/expression of something than a true desire.

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      1. Well, I haven’t explored what it means, but seeing as I haven’t embraced the nomadic life, I’m taking it that the pull towards it is not actually about wanting a nomadic life in reality. It may be about desiring to discover aspects of myself which I haven’t been game to do, maybe?

        Liked by 1 person

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