Hello from the Other Side   

New Zealand Fern unfurling – a symbol of hope and new life


Don’t live your life by default

If you were abused

It’s not your fault

You can live a life

Free from pain

Breaking the cycle

Again and again.

Reach out

And start to love yourself

With therapy


And self-help

The future is bright

If you only believe

And take one step

To find relief.

A life of addiction

Trauma and pain

Doesn’t need to be repeated

Let me explain…..

You’re worth the effort

There is a way through

Despite depression

Hampering you.

I’m here to say hope

Is possible for you

I’ve been in some dark places too.

But now I see clearly

The gloom has dispelled

In my heart

Hope for you is held.

Don’t look back – look forward.

Take baby steps.

Get support.

You are not alone.

© Karen Lighthouse 2022


Thanks for reading and take care until next time.

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Words by Karen Lighthouse.

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