This Polar Blast!/ Polar Opposites

Manuka trees in the Catlins Coastal Rain Forest, South Island, New Zealand

Flax leaves gently bow and turn,

Yielding to the weight of raindrops and snow

Moving with every nuance of wind.

Spindly manuka collectively sway


Yielding to what is

Dressed for the weather.

Razor-sharp wind

Showers of snow and

Hail stones,

Like tiny polystyrene balls.

Even the birds are hiding

Albeit the dutiful thrush

And tomtit brave the elements.

A captive of this polar blast

Cocooned in my tin-can

And every item of clothing

Me, myself and I.

Space to be

Present with myself

Thoughts emerging

Ideas flowing

Pen and paper

My faithful companions

As are copious cups of tea!

Man stands firm,


Resolute in his righteousness

Breaking himself with his own stupidity.

Be still and go with the flow

The weather seems to say.

Fleeting sunshine

Holds false promise

The lawns can wait another day

No venturing out

Beyond necessities

Cocooned indoors I’ll stay!


Thanks for reading and take care until next time.

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Words by Karen Lighthouse.

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