Another poem about love

Koru, New Zealand silver fern unfurling. It symbolises new life and growth.

If love is eternal

Where did it go

When you left the marriage

And set up with someone else?

If love is eternal

Where does it go

When the receiver

Is no longer there to receive it?

If love is eternal

Does it mean

I still love you

When I cried at your funeral?

Love is the essence of life

Existing before us

Continuing after we’re gone.

It is the ethereal mist of life



Yet holds the planets in place

And breaths into every corner of existence.

The springboard of all things.

Where would we be without love?

No babies born

No art created

Silent song-birds

Flowers with no scent.

So, when I’m gone

Some will mourn

But I will always be

Part of that love

That lives on

Through all eternity.

From love we were created

Will live and die

To love we will return.

(c) Karen Lighthouse 2022


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Words by Karen Lighthouse.

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