Ode to the Queen

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It would be almost sacrilegious to not acknowledge the passing of the Queen, who’s been a steadfast, enduring presence throughout my entire life, being crowned queen before I was even born. I’ve never professed to be a Royalist yet her transition from life to death touched me at a level I was unaware existed. It’s been hard to put into words this phenomenon. Here are a few musings.

The Queen is dead

And in my head

I say, “it doesn’t matter”

I didn’t know her

I didn’t love her

My life it did not shatter.

An abiding presence

Before my existence

Crowned before my birth

At 25

She gave her life

Her countrymen to serve.

I know not life without her

Her absence feels surreal

Loyalty to monarchy

Before had no appeal.

Like familiar landmarks

Extinguished by our earthquakes

The landscape will never look the same.

Palpable connections

To my roots


Unexpected grief.

Image thanks to Samuel-Regan-Asante

(c) Karen Lighthouse


Thanks for reading and take care until next time.

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Words by Karen Lighthouse.

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