Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans

This has sure been the case for me his week – my plans to deliver profundity to your email have been arrested by life! And I mean this quite literally, as a new human decide to come into this crazy, beautiful world 3 weeks early and surprise us all. And not just any human but my first great-great grand-daughter (who is naturally adorable)! This was the highlight of the week and created much clamouring about as family members shuffled priorities and plans, but oh, what a worthy cause.

So, I’m sitting here, my eyes propped open with matchsticks, mesmerised by my lap-top screen, unable to muster the energy for much more than breathing and being a couch potato. I’d love to tell you all the gory details, but my brain is like an empty toothpaste tube with me trying to squeeze a bit more out of it. My grand-daughter probably wouldn’t be impressed either but if I’m allowed I’ll post a pic later.

“Normal service will be resumes shortly”

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